The Story of our Roasted Chickpeas

Where did the idea come from? We always knew we wanted to do something with chickpeas. It is such an incredibly healthy crop and after all, In 2013, SK produced over 99 per cent of Canada’s Chickpeas. Our minds first wandered to a hummus, but after trialing that out and failing miserably due to a limited […]

Three Farmers Tips on Urban Gardening

Every day at Three Farmers, we are innovating, from seed to store shelf. Whether it’s through our regenerative farming techniques, proprietary roasting process, Red Seal chef created recipes or even our packaging, we pride ourselves in leading the way in healthy snacking. The food industry is in constant flux, and adapting to a changing market […]

Heart-healthy diet can save lives

Snack With Purpose With Three Farmers Chickpeas

Roasted Chickpeas as a Healthy Candy Alternative

Supportive atmosphere helps small businesses grow in Saskatchewan

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