These Chefs Use Camelina Oil!

Chef / Instructor Scott Poholeric of SAIT (School of Hospitality and Tourism), Calgary

“I am a strong advocate for local growers and natural foods. Three farmers’ camelina oil is an example of just how excellent Canadian food products can be. The health benefits of this oil are of course very appealing but as a chef, it is the flavor that is the biggest draw. It has the fresh spring-time aroma of asparagus and a nutty quinoa-like flavour. I use the oil to finish dishes like pouring over tomatoes or folding into polenta and I also use it for cooking like sautéing green beans or even searing fish. The applications seem endless.”

Chef Doug McNish (Executive Vegan Chef and Author of Eat Raw, Eat Well), Toronto:

“As a Vegan Chef concerned about my customers health, what I love about Camelina Oil is its rich omega 3 content, high smoke point and mildly nutty flavour.”

Chef Jenni (Caterer), Saskatoon:

“Camelina oil is one of my favorite pantry items. To me, it smells like fresh asparagus, garden peas and toast! I love it in both sweet and savory dishes. Cooks throughout the ages have been using this healthfuloil and Three Farmers should be applauded for reintroducing it to our modern kitchens.”

Chef Maxwell J. Lawrence of SAIT (School of Hospitality and Tourism), Calgary:

“ I found that Three Farmers Camelina Oil provided the unique flavors we were creating with our menus. The pronouncement of Camelina oil in recipes creates the very flavorful profiles we are always thriving for. A lingering, yet subtle finish. Slow Food, Calgary, is pleased and proud to support this product!”

Chef Mike Skarbo of Flames Central, Calgary:

“I love using the products for dressings, pesto, and marinating. The flavor is a distinct, light and earthy tone that works well in savoury dishes”

Chef Shereen Dyal of the German Club, Saskatoon:

“It is a great replacement for butter in our vegan diet dishes! It compliments fish very well and creates thesame golden brown crust a clarified butter would! The smooth, light, nutty tones make for great vinaigrettes and finishing oils.”

Chef Andrew Winfield of River Cafe, Calgary:

“This is one of the best, local products I have seen come to market! It has a beautiful grassy flavour without the bitterness of some oils and excellent shelf stability.”

Hermann von Pfetten, Earls Restaurant, Kamloops

“My wife and I love the product and use it on a regular basis. It definitely enhances the flavour in various salads and vegetable dishes. I also use it to marinade different meats, for grilling, with herbs and liquor to achieve great results with very refined flavours!”

Chef Jason Barton-Browne of Boxwood Café, Calgary:

“This is one of the most unique new products I have tried in the past five years. This oil is versatile and brilliant in it’s flavour”

Dalia Kohen of The Coup Restaurant, Calgary:
“Camelina oil stands by its nickname “gold-of-pleasure”, not only for its color, but for it’s smooth, creamy, nutty, earthy characters. A bonus is that it can be sourced close to home and is always fresh!! The fact that it takes little water resources to grow creates an even more desired product.
We have been using it in many of our vegetarian dishes, being that it is a great source of omega 3’s & Vitamin E. It enhances our salad dressings, and gives our roasted vegetables a new twist of life. We are enjoying experimenting with its versatility!”

Thomas Brown of Wild Cuisine Catering, Saskatoon:

“There are three things a great chef should know: how to butcher a pig, taste everything you make, and use the best possible local products around. That is exactly what ‘Three Farmers Camelina Oil’ is!!! There Roasted Garlic and Chili oil is so good and well rounded tasting Its all I pan sear my fish with now. To truly be a Rock Star in your kitchen, their oils is a must have!”

Chef Rusty Penno of Dakota Dunes, Saskatoon

“I am very excited to have found this new product. I have used a lot of cold pressed seed, nut and stone oils over the years but mostly as a finishing oil to enhance a dish or add a new dimension to a vinaigrette but this is the first one that I have used that I can do that and actually cook with. Searing a nice filet of pacific sablefish or a diver caught scallop in a flavourful oil that has a depth and a richness all of its own isanother great tool for any professional or home chef” 

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