Keeping Your Heart Healthy with Camelina Oil

We hear from customers all the time that they love our Three Farmers Camelina Oil because of its flavour, versatility, and its wonderful health benefits. With February being Heart and Stroke Month it’s worth discussing exactly what it is that makes camelina oil heart healthy. One of the health benefits of camelina oil in particular is that its a great source of Omega 3 polyunsaturates. Omega 3’s have gained a lot of attention in the health and wellness world because this is type of fat we don’t need to cut back on in our diets. Our bodies need Omega 3 fatty acids to function well and they are particularly beneficial for our hearts.

Omega 3’s have been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, two things that directly impact the functioning of the heart. In addition, increased intake of this impressive fatty acid has shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduce blood clotting. Camelina oil also has a balanced fatty acid ratio between Omega 3, 6, and 9. This is an often overlooked but critical fact, as your body needs Omega 6 and 9 as well, just not in excess. A favourable ratio means each of these fatty acids can fight disease in in your body in unison, rather than hampering the positive effects of the other. The ratio of Omega 3, 6, and 9’s in camelina oil is nearly 1:2:1 which makes it a super oil and allows the body to get the the good benefits of all of the Omega fatty acids.

Oil is a useful and necessary part of our cooking process so it’s nice to have a heart healthy option that can be used for recipes from salad dressings and marinades to grilling and roasting. Choosing Three Farmers Camelina Oil means you are using a product with top quality taste and a solid nutritional profile you can feel good about using to feed you and your family. With all of those impressive features and benefits, Camelina oil is definitely heart healthy and the only oil you need in your pantry!

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