Sea Salt Roasted Lentils (092040001)

Did You Know?

Canada is the leading producer and exporter of lentils, with the majority of production happening right here in Saskatchewan. The world of lentils is a diverse place with many varieties being grown. We use green lentils in our snacks, one of two common varieties grown in Saskatchewan; the other being red lentils.

How they’re grown….

Starting in May our lentils are intercropped alongside our camelina and green peas—the perfect trio working in synergy together. The lentils and peas fix the nitrogen in the soil, which is something the camelina needs a lot of for optimum growth. This also reduces the need of supplementing crops with nitrogen fertilizer. Lentils have the same growing season as camelina, though shorter than chickpeas by 20 days. This is important as both camelina and lentils need to be harvested at the same time, which typically falls around mid August. Saskatchewan’s climate provides optimal conditions for lentil crops, making it an important crop to grow to improve economic returns to producers.

How they’re made…

Once they are harvested and ready for production, the lentils are sent to be cleaned of any pods, rocks, dirt, weeds, and other foreign material before making their way to our food grade facility in Keeler, SK. The roasting process is similar to how we roast our chickpeas and green peas, utilizing industrial sized roasters and equipment for large scale production. We choose to dry roast our lentils, creating air pockets that result in an airy, bold crunch. Doing so also ensures the nutritional integrity of each ingredient remains intact, creating the highest quality, most delicious product possible.

Lastly, we package our Roasted Lentils in Regina, SK, and prepare them for distribution. The packaging machine used is able to pump out a high volume of packages per day and once they’re packed up,  they are shipped off and ready for store shelves!

We take pride in providing locally grown products that taste good and are good for you. Thank you for taking the time to trace the journey of the Roasted Lentils from our farms to your table.

FACT: With over 80% of our supply exported around the world, Canada is one of the biggest exporters of pulses. Grain legumes such as beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas are all part of the great big Canadian pulse family!

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