Ned Bell’s Chefs for Oceans Ride Across Canada


If you are a foodie, a lover of sustainable seafood, or have eaten at Yew Restaurant at The Four Seasons Vancouver, you have most likely heard of Chef Ned Bell, Head Chef of Yew and founder of Chefs for Oceans.

Ned is a strong believer in fresh, local, natural and healthy ingredients which is why it is not surprising that he is heading up the Sustainable Seafood movement on the West Coast, and now this summer, across Canada.

In 2011, Ned introduced the sustainable seafood concept to Yew Restaurant and quickly transitioned the menu to a 100% Ocean Wise.

Fast forward to 2014, and Ned is still going strong with his passion and dedication to sustainable seafood and healthy oceans, lakes and rivers. He is now the founder of Chefs for Oceans, an organization which hopes to in the next 10 years, allow all Canadians to have access to fresh, sustainable seafood.

His most recent project is his ride across Canada, which begins on July 1st. He will start in St. John’s Newfoundland and make his way across the country, finishing in Vancouver. The goals of the ride are to raise funds and awareness for the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise Program, SeaChoice and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. In addition to his ride, Ned has also come out with his own line of sustainable canned tuna called “Ned’s Tuna” which is available for purchase at The Fish Counter. The sales of his tuna also go towards fundraising for the sustainable seafood movement.

Ned is also a big supporter of Three Farmers Camelina Oil. Both Three Farmers and Ned believe in natural, local and healthy foods that are available to everyone, which is why we wanted to help him along in his journey across Canada. Three Farmers have donated to his cause and will be part of his welcoming crowd as he rolls into several different cities across Canada including Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary and Vancouver. Check out our Melting Tuna Baguette recipe which uses Ned’s Tuna and our Original Camelina oil to make a mouth-watering and easy spin on the famous tuna melt.

We wish Ned a fantastic ride and all the best of luck in his pursuit of Sustainable Seafood for all Canadians!

For more information and to join the movement for  Ned’s Ride and Chefs for Oceans, visit


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