In January 2012, we pressed lot #12 of our Three Farmers Camelina Oil. The oil was expelled at Golburn Valley Oilmills in Tisdale, Saskatchewan. The oil was left to settle and then transported to Saskatoon where it was bottled at Bioriginal Food & Science.This was the first batch of our Three Farmers Camelina Oil that was officially non-GMO Project Verified (a great third party initiative that guarantees the saftey and efficacy of the ingredients used in your food:

The seed that was used to press this batch of oil was from Colin Rosengren’s fall seeded crop of Camelina. Given the terrible growing conditions and flooding that Saskatchewan farmers experienced in 2011, Colin used seed from his 2010 harvest. One of the wonderful aspects of pressing oil from seed is that the whole seed does not deteriorate over time so we are guaranteed a great batch of oil each and every time!

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