In December 2012, we were once again running low on our Roasted Onion & Basil Flavored Camelina OIl. Desperately low some would say! We were able to squeak through the Christmas season but had to jump on a bottle run first thing in the New Year! So we had Farmer Dan haul his first batch of seed up to Golburn Valley in Tisdale for pressing.

This seed was sewn in the Fall of 2011. This allowed the crop to get a good head start in the Spring and emerge before any weeds or pests could get the best of it! The growing season was fantastic with rains early on and dry conditions leading into harvest. In early August, this crop was harvested and sure enough, it yielded a seed with optimal oil value and jam packed with Omega-3 and Vitamin E.

Golburn Valley once again did a fantastic job in pressing this oil. They began pressing the second week of December and had wrapped it up within 5 days. We then let it settle out over the Christmas holidays and come January 2nd, it was transported to Spalding to be bottle at Northern Nutraceuticals.

We hope you enjoy!

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