In January 2014, we fired up the press again as the busy Christmas Season and the launch of our new 250ml Duo Gift Sets had wiped us clean of 250ml Original. Golburn set to work pressing on January 13th. We were finishing off the last of Ron’s camelina seed that had been hauled up for storage in August 2013.

Ron’s crop was seeded in May 2011. Southern Saskatchewan experienced unprecedented moisture that year with flooding becoming an issue. This posed several challenges for our Camelina Crops as Camelina likes dry climates. However, come harvest time the weather decided to cooperate and we had a long dry Fall to help us get the crop off. This Camelina crop was harvested in September 2011.

On January 27th, 2014 the oil was transported to Spalding where it was bottled up in 250ml bottles and labelled with love by our friends at Northern Nutraceuticals.

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