In July 2014 we were ready to roast up our first batch of chickpeas for our new snack food! The chickpeas we sourced were from our farmer Colin. These chickpeas were grown in 2013. Colin grows his chickpeas using a unique farming method called intercropping – seeding two different crops in one field by alternating rows. Colin intercropped his chickpeas with flax and seeded against the wind to help stop the spread of disease in the chickpeas.  Also by biasing the plant population and using variable rate technology, he can plant the chickpeas where conditions are best for them within a highly variable field.  Chickpeas like lighter land and drier conditions, so he places them in that environment within each field and fills the other space with flax.

Once harvested the chickpeas were color sorted to ensure the optimal peas were kept for our snacks. We worked with the Food Development Center in Portage La Prairie, MB to do the roasting process and then trucked them to Winnipeg for the final seasoning and packaging stage with our friends at Shoal Lake Wild Rice.

We are extremely excited to offer these snacks to you and we hope you enjoy this sweet play on our chickpeas. It is a maple frosted treat, but a treat you can feel good about! Enjoy in your yogurt or cereal and just on their own as a satisfying snack!

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